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Please note that the Foundation's grant-making procedures have changed significantly. Before applying to the 2013 grant program round, please read the revised program guidelines carefully, especially regarding eligibility and how to apply.

Word Document - This is the form in Microsoft Word format. You can download this file and it should open as a word-processing document in either the Windows or Macintosh versions of Microsoft Word. This will allow you to complete the form in your word processor.

Portable Document Format - You can download the application to your computer as a PDF file where it can then be viewed and printed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Note: If you have trouble downloading the Word or PDF files, Windows users try clicking on the link with the right mouse button and selecting "Download to disk"; Macintosh users try clicking on the link while holding down the "Control" key and selecting "Download to disk".

If you need Acrobat Reader, download it here.



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